Planning my move to Tenerife

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After a lot af thinking and many discussions with friends and family I have finally decided to take a leap of faith. I am going to Tenerife and I will pursue my dream. So how does this dream look like? Good question…

Apart from the obvious, enjoying the climate, what am I going to do there? Well, I would like a big house with some land and an ocean view, import mom and grandma, get a dog, continue doing all sorts of sports and I guess I will also have to work;)

I will go on an extended leave from august 1st until may 31st 2018. That means that I have 8 months to figure out if life on the Island still appeals to me and to research ways to make money. The ideal scenario would be that I am able to start my own outdoor company in combination with airbnb or a b&b sort of thing. But I will keep an open mind and look into other possibilities as well.

I have booked a flight on July 31st after which I will spend a couple of days relaxing. On sunday August 6th I have to check in to the apartment that I have rented in Santa Cruz. On the 7th I will start studying Spanish for at least 4 weeks at a Spanish language school (you can find a link at the bottom). I will rent the apartment through the school which I will share it with another student. I’ll take classes 6 hours per day and 5 days a week. The cool thing about this school is that they organise all sorts of activities in which students may participate. This will be a fun way to meet people and explore the Island.

At some point I will drop out of school:) and start exploring the Island by myself. Do you have a brilliant idea? Let me know!

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Taking a leap of faith

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  1. Well, it’s a big challenge and great adventure! I wish you a lot of luck and hope you will find were you looking for! Keep your head up! Have a good one!

    Chimo Cees


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