Puerto de la Cruz – Cuesta de la Villa hike

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It’s day 3 and todays walk took me from Puerto de la Cruz to Cuesta de la Villa. I completed this 9km hike within 2 hours. Along the way I came across the beautiful ‘Playa del Bollulo’. From which I found a small trail leading to a secluded beach. Now I know I’m not a natural born mountain goat, but I was pretty impressed by some locals coming down the trail on flip-flops. I tried to exit the beach by a different route but I only found a caved in trail that reminded me of ‘klettersteigen’ in Bad Reichenhall. I decided it didn’t look safe enough so I ended up walking back the same way I entered the beach. At the end of the trail there was a pretty steep climb that resulted in an amazing view over Puerto de la Cruz.

After all this hard work I decided to reward myself with a little nap on the beach.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet up with Jorge, a high school friend from when I lived here. He invited me to a party, that according to him, is going to be legendary. Sounds promising 🙂

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