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I left my hotel in Puerto de la Cruz on friday and took a bus to the northern airport. Jorge’s brother, Fernando picked me up and we were joined by couple that had just flown in for the weekend. Jorge himself was due to arrive around midnight. We went to the San Miguel marina in the south of the Island, which is owned by Jorge’s family, where they have an awesome sailing boat. After installing myself in one of the cabins we went for a little swim in the marina. Another one of Jorge’s brothers, José, gave me a little swimming tour outside of the marina. The water was absolutely perfect! Fernando then took us to a cozy beach where we chilled for a while. The ideal place for my afternoon siësta;) That night we shared a wonderful dinner at the golf course restaurant(also their property), together with more friends and family. From the restaurant we had a good view on the golf course which was transformed in a festival area for the Arona summer festival. There was a little pre-party going on where we had a beer. We returned to the boat around 23:00 where we awaited Jorge and his wife while drinking a couple beers and when they did, we had some more;) It was incredible to see him again after some 20 years.

Saturday was going to be all about the festival, but we decided to go sailing first. With Jorge as our captain we sailed to a nearby spot where we dropped the anchor and had a little swim. Tenerife is known for dolphin and whale tours, but since they were nowhere to be seen I posed as one;) That afternoon we had fresh paella with lots of family and friends. As it still was around 30 Celsius, we decided to aid the digestive process by taking a swim in the marina. Once we were all shower and pretty, that did not take me very long obviously, we went to the festival. We had a spot in the VIP area and they kept bringing us booze. After a couple of rum and cokes I turned into a regular party animal, dancing through the night. The picture is from the backstage are.

The next morning sadly, the party animal had turned into roadkill:( On top of that I had to leave the group to go to Santa Cruz and check in to my apartment. As they sailed out of the marina again, I crawled into a cab, which took me to the southern airport from where I got a bus to Santa Cruz.

Looking back on my first week in Tenerife I have come to the conclusion that I needed a couple of days to adjust. Seeing Jorge and meeting his friends and family, who were so kind to me, definitely gave me the boost that I needed. Watching them all together and enjoying each other’s company made me think about everyone I left behind. I definitely have to find a way to make sure that they all remain a part of my life. Does anyone have any ideas on how to lure them to the island?


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