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Let’s start with the good news. I have been to a masseur and my neck and shoulders feel much better! Actually it had already improved when I woke up yesterday, so I went to the gym straight after class. Just to be on the safe side, I decided it was leg-day. They have some mean machines there that I’ve used, that apart from me, are mostly used by women, spreading the legs, or opening them up, making you look like you’re about to give birth. Let’s just say that I woke up feeling like I gave birth yesterday:P At the beginning of the evening I got a massage for my neck and shoulders. It was pretty painful, but also necessary. It feels much better now.

Today we had a field trip in the afternoon. My teacher (Susana) took us to the nearby city of La Laguna. The old center has lots of nice authentic Canarian buildings. It’s also a pedestrian zone which makes it a nice place to take a stroll.

As you can see Susana uses some interesting methods to teach Spanish. I haven’t figured out yet whether the thing with the cards is an actual teaching method, or if it’s her way to have some fun at our expense;) At the moment we mainly focus on grammar. El presente, el préterito indefinifo and the préterito perfecto, for those who know what I’m talking about. I’m enjoying myself in class and I can tell that I’m making progress. Yesterday may have been the first time in my life that I’ve actually asked for additional homework.

Wondering what happend to the bad news? Guess there is none:) Apart from the fact that I do miss having friends and family around.

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