Santa Cruz – Bajamar hike

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It’s Saturday today and that means that I don’t have classes. So I decided to go hiking. On Tenerife there are a couple of good spots to do so. The Anaga mountains, on the north-eastern side of the island is one of them and it’s pretty close to Santa Cruz where I’m staying at the moment. So I decided to pay them a visit.

My mom gave me a little book with some 70 hikes on the island so I picked one that starts just outside of Santa Cruz. It took me from the coast, up into the mountains and after about three hours I reached Mirador Cruz del Carmen, a vantage point from where you can see the city of La Laguna and the volcano, El Teide. On the way to the top I had some pretty amazing views on the mountains, the ocean and Santa Cruz. A long the way it was very quiet and I only came across a couple of other hikers. I did have my friend called mister ‘Sol’ with me, all day…

After a little break and some food and drinks, I felt good to go so I decided to just keep on walking to the other side of the Island, to a town called Bajamar. On this side routes were not quite as well indicated and I took two wrong turns. That probably cost me about half an hour. There was some sort of trail run as I were caught up by some running guys. It was around 16:00 by then and the sun was blazing. You might think they’d go running a bit earlier. After I while I could see the ocean and Bajamar. The views on the north side were just as spectacular as on the south side. When I made it down I bought myself a cold drink and sat down at the bus stop. Knowing that if I would have gone to the beach, I would not have left it anymore;)

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