Igueste de San Andrés – Playa de Antequera hike

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It’s the weekend and that means that I’ve been hiking again. As I planned today’s hike yesterday, I found out that the challenge of preparing a hike here lies in the transportation. The island has a great bus network, but in the weekend less buses are available. Especially to the more remote areas of the island. So I sat down with the little book that my mom gave me and when I found a hike that interested me, I checked the bus schedule to see if it was possible to get there and return.

I left home at 08:25 this morning. Took a cab to the bus station, and from there rode a bus to a little town called Igueste de San Andrés. The village is located on the far eastern end of the island. From the village I immediately started climbing. The track was quite a bit rougher than the one I took last week, so my pace remained low just about the entire hike. It wasn’t until I made it to the top of the mountain ridge that I noticed that the wind was pretty strong. For a second I asked myself whether it would be wise to head into the mountains by myself with that wind. After a short internal debate I told myself not to be such a pussy and move on 😉

After about 2,5 hours I made it down to a secluded beach called Antequera, which is only accessible by foot and by water. There are no roads in this area at all. I decided to take a short break and enjoy the view before climbing the next mountain.

From the beach I climbed up the mountains again, to finally decend back into Igueste de San Andrés after about 5.20 hours.This side of the island is a bit dryer than where I was last week, but the views were just as spectacular. I’m definitely falling in love with these mountains 🙂

Do you also sometimes get the feeling that someone or something is watching you? 😉




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