Güimar pyramids

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One of the most important reasons for people to migrate to the Canary Islands is the climate. It doesn’t really get cold during the winter and it won’t get to hot in the summer. Well, except this week… It was very hot with temperatures up to 40* Celsius. As a self-proclaimed sun god I can manage the heat pretty well. It only requires a little bit more deodorant. The problem was that it hardly cooled down during the night. I had my window and my door wide open and other than my boxers, I wasn’t wearing anything. Still I managed to sweat. So I haven’t slept very well and I feel a little tired. Other than that, I’m fine 😉

Today I have created my own private fieldtrip to the Güimar pyramids. Güimar is a small town a little south of Santa Cruz. I arrived there after a 40 minute bus ride. From the bus stop it was a short walk up to the site. Now when I think of pyramids, I think of huge buildings in Egypt or in Mexico. If you come to the Güimar site expecting something of similar magnitude, you might be a little disappointed 😉 But the basic principle is pretty much the same. It also features an exhibition on how ancient people may have sailed around the oceans, discovering new lands and mixing with the local population. This topic is of particular interest to the Canary Islands as the origin of its first inhabitants is unknown.

Next week will be my last in Santa Cruz for now. During the weekend I will move to Puerto de la Cruz where I will enrole in the FU international academy, also a Spanish school. In Puerto I will stay in another shared apartment and I will take surfing classes. For now I’m planning to stay in there for four weeks. After that I might travel around the island a bit.

My mom will visit me from December 12th until the 23rd, and I will fly back to the Netherlands with here. I will spend the holidays back home and I will return to the island at the beginning of January. So if you would like to come over and visit me here, you would be most welcome somewhere between September 29th and December 12th.

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