Punta del Hidalgo – Batan de Abajo – Chinamada hike

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Wow! Today’s hike was amazing! The best I’ve done here so far. I had set my alarm to wake me up at 07:15 in order to catch a bus at 08:24. So after waking up I walked down to the bakery that opens at 07:00. At least, that’s what the sign on the door says… These *#@*-> (my grandma reads this too) finally opened at 07:45, completely screwing up my planning. It wasn’t the first time that this sort of thing happened to me. It kind of confirms prejudice about Spain such as ‘mañana mañana’ and ‘poco poco’. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. Anyway, once I had the bread I did a ‘ayer ayer’ and grabbed a cab making it just in time to the bus station. After about 1,5 hours I arrived in Puerta del Hidalgo from where I started todays hike.

It was pretty clouded and the temperature was ok so the conditions for walking were great. The trail started right next to the bus stop and it took me up the steepest road you’ll have ever seen for about 30 minutes. So much for warming up slowly. From there I headed straight into the mountains. After about an hour the landscape became pretty green and the views were spectacular! With beautiful green areas, crazy rock formations, caves and some small water streams the landscape was quite diverse.

At some points the path was pretty narrow and I stared down deep into deep trenches and valleys. I also became petty cozy with some unfriendly looking plants. Kind of reminded me of some people actually 😉

The hike took me from Puerta del Hidalgo to a small village called Batan de Abajo. I was surprised to see that they make wine there. From there I continued to Chinamada from which you have amazing views in several directions. After 5 hours I walked back into Puerta del Hidalgo where I ended up running the last part in order to catch the bus.


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