Moving to Puerto de la Cruz

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I have said my goodbyes to Santa Cruz for now, and I have installed myself in my new home in Puerto de la Cruz. My new apartment is in a residential area near the Jardin Botanico. My school is only a 5 minute walk away. It’s located in a shopping center where I can get everything I need. It also has a gym that I will check out tomorrow. The beach is about 15 minute’s down-hill. The place itself looks fine. There are 4 bedrooms which are all taken. There is an Irish guy, a German guy and a German girl. The Germans are also taking classes, but at a lower level. We’ve talked for a while and they all seem very friendly. I expect that we will have some fun.

Tomorrow at 0845 I will report to my new school. I expect that classes will take place from 09:00-12:30 with a 30 minute break in the middle. My plan is to go to the gym afterwards and take surfing classes at the end of the afternoon. Over here that means somewhere between 17:00-20:00 😉 I will stay here during the next 4 weeks. After that my mom will visit for about a week. We are going to rent a car and travel around the north-west of the island. After that, we’ll see.

Of course I have also been hiking. It probably was my last hike in the Anaga mountains for a while. I started in Taganana and I followed the coastline for about 5 km. During this part I have had some great views on the ocean and the cliffs. After about 5 km I turned land inwards, went up and down a couple of mountains, passed through the town of Afur and finally, after about 5 hours and 14 km, made it back to Taganana. Once again the views in the mountains were spectacular! Away from the coast it was very green and I walked through some awesome barranco’s. The hike will probably be even better during winter. I passed a couple of signs saying not to cross at that point if the trail was flooded. Which means that during winter the water level rises significantly.






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