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After writing my last post on Thursday I had paella with some other students. We had some drinks afterwards and we ended up in a club, which was recommend to us by one of our teachers. Well, we’re not taking her advice anymore… It was pretty empty, and the crowd that was there, was rather shady. Some old guys going crazy on the dancefloor and I’m quite sure we’ve seen some prostitutes. We had a mojito and decided to call it a night.

Every Friday at 18:00 the school organizes beach volleyball at playa jardin. The turn-up was good so we played a couple of 5-5 matches. I explained to my team-mates that, although I appreciate the Olympic thought, only winning counts. And we did 🙂 We decided to go for tapas afterwards and ended up at another club called Limbo. This one was pretty cool with a large roof terrace. I went to sleep around 04:00.

So today is kind off a slow day. I would have gone to the gym if it wasn’t for the fact that just about all of my clothes are wet from washing and they won’t dry 😦 Perhaps we will head down to the beach or catch a bus to La Orotava. Tomorrow I’m doing a hike together with my German flat-mate Hansie.

Look what I found on the FB page of the school 🙂


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