Aguamansa hike

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I decided to stay in and watch a movie yesterday evening. I needed that after two nights of beers and mojito’s. So when I woke up this morning I was fresh and fruity, as we say in Dutch 😉 Together with my flat mates Elena and Hansie I took a bus to La Caldera. That’s the starting point for all sorts of outdoor activities in the mountains near Aguamansa. After about 35 minutes we arrived and we got started.

The area is much greener than any other on Tenerife where I’ve hiked so far. We were surrounded by pine trees the entire way. We gradually climbed up the mountains for the first three hours. The trees provided a welcome shade as it was a sunny day. They also blocked most of the view though. After three hours we made it to a smaller trail which took us alongside a mountain providing us with a spectacular view on El Teide. We also got to see the signature ‘organ pipes’. Which in fact are rock formations.

We made it back down after a little over 20 km and 5 hours. Had a beer at the restaurant and waited for the bus to take us back to Puerto de la Cruz. I have to say that I really like how green this area is. I will keep that in mind for future decisions. I’m a little concerned about the clouds though. The area seems to be clouded quite often and that could be a  depressing. I’ll come back a couple of times as there are several trails.

Next Saturday I will do the Masca hike together with 3 school mates. Looking forward to that!



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