Just another week in paradise

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It’s Friday evening and Hansie and I are waiting for some people to go to dinner. At first we would meet at 19:00, than at 19:30 and they just told us that 20:00 is more likely. Guess people adjust to the ‘poco-poco’ mentality quit easily. Locals wouldn’t consider this the evening by the way. To them this is the afternoon and that may last up to about 20:00. It’s also funny that the morning lasts until they have had lunch. Their perspective on time and punctuality is pretty different than where I come from.

Something really strange has happened today. Beach volleyball was canceled due to poor weather conditions. I guess someone had heard that someone had seen a drop of rain somewhere and there was a little bit of wind. I’m still walking around in nothing but shorts, so no hurricanes on this side of the Atlantic 😉

This week has been busy and fun. I have had my daily Spanish classes in the morning. The gym in the afternoon. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I have had salsa classes and on Tuesday I attended a flamenco class. I’m hooked on salsa and I’m getting better at it by the day. If I say so myself 🙂 Usually there a few couples and one or two lone women so there’s always someone to partner up with. So far I have learned the basic steps, going back and forth and sideways. We have done some lady spinning, a couple of turns and a group dance. I’ll try to remember the names next week. The salsa classes are from 21:00-22:00 but we usually finish a bit later. The dance school is at the same mall as my Spanish school, so that’s very convenient.

Wednesday my Irish flat-mate left and a new one arrived. His name is Ed, 50 years and he is from the UK. That afternoon I went to the beautiful playa del Socorro, north of Los Realejos. Hansie and Elena wanted to try the surf, but there was a red flag, meaning that the ocean was dangerous, and that the local surf school was closed. So they were forced to keep me company on the beach. Thursday evening I went out with 3 school-mates for a beer and tapas. We got back at the apartment around 00:00 so we took it pretty easy. I’m looking forward to the weekend as we will go to Masca, the Teide area and there’s summer carnival in Puerto de la Cruz.


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