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I have just returned from the beach where I have spent all afternoon chilling, napping and swimming. A well-deserved relaxing day after an fantastic Saturday!

We picked up our rental car yesterday at 09:30 and drove to Los Gigantes. A town on the west-coast of the island. There’s not much of a highway on that part of the island and the speed varied from 120 km/ph to 30 km/ph. We arrived there around 11:15, had some lunch at a British country club, it was next to the bus stop, and hopped on the 12:30 bus to Santiago del Teide. From there we transferred onto a smaller bus which took us to Masca. Masca is a very small town in the mountains and it’s known for its incredible gorge through which one can hike down to the ocean. The ride there already was spectacular. Zig zagging through the mountains and offering us amazing views. The trail starts in town and we started descending through the gorge right away. The gorge is incredibly deep and its walls are savage. There is quit some vegetation as a little stream of water runs through it as well. A long the way we have seen a couple of mountain goats. It was impressive to see how easily they moved on the steep cliffs. The sound they produced must have been even more impressive. I couldn’t see what was going on, but it sounded like someone/ thing was having involuntary coitus 😉 Along the way we took our time to enjoy the scenery, and our lunch. We took it real slow and made it down in 3 hours. A bit short for my taste, but spectacular. This definitely was the best hike I’ve done here so far!

From the beach there are two options. Hike back, or get on a boat to Los Gigantes. There are no roads. We’d already decided to take the boat and that’s why we had parked our car in Los Gigantes. We expected a laid back boat trip of about half an hour. Instead we got on a speedboat that dropped us off within 10 minutes. Again a bit short, but a cool ride!

In town we had a drink, got groceries and drove up to Las Cañadas del Teide. That’s the area directly surrounding the Teide and it’s at about 2000m. We still had daylight when we arrived and after enjoying the view we set up our picnic. Around 21:30 the sun set and even though the sky was clouded we got to see a lot of stars including one shooting star. Such a pretty sight! It’s quite a bit colder up there by the way, so long pants and a sweater are a necessity.

Once the pants and the sweaters failed to keep us warm we drove back to Puerto de la Cruz. Took showers, grabbed beers and went to the summer carnival that has been going on this weekend. It’s only the third year that it has been organized, so it’s not that big yet. There was a stage and I would guess that about 500 people where there, dancing to all sorts of Spanish music. After a couple of beers we decided to joy in and show off our new salsa moves. So I’m sure you understand why I have spent most of today on the beach 🙂



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