Study-salsa-gym-beach-eat-sleep-repeat :)

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As you can tell by the pictures and the video, life here is pretty tough! I have to face the sun every single day. Every time I go to the beach, I have to apply sun lotion. Whenever someone invites me to eat somewhere, I have to join them. And my smooth hips demand that I take them to salsa class three times a week. Luckily I manage to find time in my busy schedule to have a daily siesta 😉

The school is quite crowded this week as about 20 new students have started. We’re six in my class now. That’s three to many if you ask me. I’m still making progress though so I’ll just keep at it. My salsa skills are also improving bit by bit.

On Monday I had my classes, went to the gym and at night to salsa. On Tuesday, after class, I went to flamenco class and then to the gym. We’ve had dinner and some drinks at a tapas bar in the evening.

On Wednesday we went to a beach called Bollullo. It’s a 45 minute walk away from our apartment. The beach is very beautiful and a little hidden. Not many people there. And there is another beach right behind it which is supposed to be a nudist beach. That’s where we laid down. I haven’t seen any naked people on our side, but I think I saw some on the other side of the beach. There’s some big rocks in between them, creating a natural barrier. In the evening I had another salsa class. My legs were rather sore after Tuesday leg day 😦

Today I’ve had salsa class at school. All new people so I haven’t learned anything new there. It was nice not to be the clumsiest one for a change 😉 From salsa I went straight to the gym and my flat mates made lasagna tonight.

I have decided to stay here for another week. That was the most convenient thing to do since my mom will arrive here October 5th in the evening. I will see whether I will or will not go to class on the 6th. We have decided that when she returns here in December, we will go to the top of the Teide together. I will also go there Friday next week. I will explain how that works later.


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