Farewell party & diving

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Yesterday two of the German girls that I’ve been hanging out with, Elena and Verena have left. We couldn’t let them go without a proper farewell party of course. So on Friday we had our weekly beach volleyball at playa Jardin. Afterwards we got some supplies from a supermarket and had ourselves a beach picnic. Obviously I had already had a little pre-dinner. Wouldn’t want to risk getting hangry 😉 The picnic came with some beer and rum and when we were all out, we decided to head back to the apartments and get ready to party. And we did… We had great fun, danced a lot and I think I made to bed around 05:30 in the morning. After sleeping until about 12:30 I’ve spent most of Saturday on the couch.

Today Hansie and I went diving of the coast of a little town called Radazul. It’s just south of Santa Cruz. The diving company took us there so that was pretty easy. We did two dives, one of 49 minutes and the second one lasted 39 minutes and our maximum depth was some 29 meters. Obviously the marine life here is nothing like Egypt or Bali, but it was quite pretty. We’ve seen plenty of fish, spiders, snails, a big sea star and some squids. I’m glad to have dived here 🙂

I think I will just chill tonight, work on my Spanish and watch a movie.


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