The motherbird has landed

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Last Thursday my mom arrived in Tenerife and she brought me a new phone. So I have re-connected to the world and I’m back to making selfies! And usies 😉 We have spent the first nights in an apartment located in the west of the Island in a little town called Playa San Juan. Nothing much there, but it has been a good staging area to explore the west-side of the Island. The coming two nights we will stay in a town called Los Silos, in the north-west of the island.

We’ve visited the bigger and more touristic towns such as Adeje, Playas de las Americas and Los Cristianos. They host about 75% of the 6 million people that visit Tenerife every year. If you’re looking for sun, beaches and beer, that’s the place to be, year round. Not really my thing though. I prefer the greener north-side of the island. But since it attracts many visitors I wanted to have a look and see if I would get inspiration for future business opportunities. And do some research on the property market. We have a couple of meetings planned with realtors later this week.

Today we went snorkeling of the coast of Los Cristianos. We booked the trip through a local outdoor company and we joined a group of about 10 people. To get to the snorkeling site, we had to paddle our double kayak for about 20 minutes. As a captain, I obviously was in charge of the vessel and my mom was my ship mate 😉 We hadn’t even gotten out of the kayak as we saw our first sea turtle. We quickly jumped in and we were immediately surrounded by more turtles, rays and small fish. The water was crystal clear and it probably was no deeper than 8 meters so we could see the bottom of the ocean. The rays stayed close to the bottom, the turtles on the other hand seemed pretty curious and they swam towards us. A couple even bumped in to me. It was a cool experience and I was happy to find out that there are some things that interest me in this area.

After having been away for 10 weeks it was great to see a familiar face again. It made me decide to come home for a week and see some more 🙂 I will join my mom on her flight back to the Netherlands on Friday the 13th. I will fly back to paradise on the 24th through Gran Canaria.


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