Last days in paradise (for now)

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I woke up on my mother’s couch this morning, and what did I see, the sun shining in my eyes! I don’t get what my Dutch friends have been complaining about all these weeks 😉

Back on Tenerife my mom and I have spent our last days talking to realtors and checking out property. We’ve seen some interesting ones, but we haven’t made any decisions yet. Apart from the serious stuff we’ve also been whale- and dolphin watching on a boat trip. Apparently Tenerife is home to some large whale and dolphin populations and we got to see several of them. We’ve also spend some time on the beach to make sure that I won’t lose my tan during my stay in the Netherlands 😉

I’ll stay in the Netherlands until the 24th of October. I will first fly to Gran Canaria where I will stay until Friday the 27th. From there I will return to Tenerife. It was cheaper this way and I haven’t been to Gran Canaria yet. I will probably not write anything until I arrive in Gran Canaria.

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