Gran Canaria

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I’m back! Back on Tenerife and back to writing. First of all, it was great to see friends and family again. It also made me realize that I can maintain my relations, if I were to move to Tenerife. So overall it was a good decision to take the trip.

Direct flights to Tenerife were quite expensive this week, so I decided to fly to Gran Canaria, spend a couple days there and from there, return to Tenerife. I arrived on Gran Canaria on Tuesday and I took a bus to the capital, Las Palmas. I didn’t have enough time to see the entire city, but the port area didn’t look that interesting to me. But then again, I’m not a big fan of cities in general.

Wednesday morning I got an early bus back to the airport where I picked up a rental car. I first drove south to Maspalomas. That’s one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. It did not appeal to me at all so I decided to cruise right through it and continue west. I decided to stop in Playa Mogán. Which also is very touristic, but it’s much smaller and it felt more relaxed. So I decided to go for a swim and take a nap on the beach. When my swimsuit was dry I got back into my car and drove into the mountains. The landscape, which until then, didn’t impress me much, radically changed and was beautiful! I made a stop at El Roque Nublo which basically is a big rock, but is surrounded by the most amazing views. Luckily the sky was clear and I could even see Tenerife and the Teide. It’s kind off hard to see in the picture, that’s why I’m pointing it out for you;) After chilling on top of the rock for a while I continued to the town of Artenara where I spend the night in a cave hostel. That actually sounds cooler than it was. But again, spectacular breakfast views!

On Thursday I drove to the north-western coast where I visited Puerto de las Nieves and Gáldar. Neither one was very interesting. The road to them, from the mountains, was spectacular though! I continued to a town with the peculiar name, Teror. Which was described to me as the prettiest town of the island. And it was! It actually is a nice old town, but then again the bar wasn’t very high anymore. From there I continued to Bandama, which is a viewpoint that provides awesome views on Las Palmas and the mountains. At last I decided to go to a beach, take a swim and chill.

Today I had an early flight with a small propeller plane. It only took 30 minutes and we didn’t go very high so it kind of was like an aerial site seeing tour. Good fun! From the airport I went straight to my new home in Santa Cruz. I’m staying with an older lady from Argentina who rents out here two spare bedrooms. The other one is occupied by and Italian lady who lives here. After installing myself I got some groceries, signed up at the (same) gym, did an hour of spinning, took a swim and chilled in the sun for a while. It feels good to be home again, sort off… On Monday I’m going back to school. Enjoy the weekend!


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