Back in Santa Cruz

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As I told you in my previous post, I’ve decided to come back to Santa Cruz and enroll in the same school that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I’m in a different apartment which is right next to school and much closer to the gym. Tomorrow I will also go to a nearby dancing school to inquire about the possibilities to improve my salsa skills.

Yesterday was a very easy day. I went to the gym, got some provisions, took a nap and did some city walking. Today I wanted to go for a hike in the Anaga Mountains. I needed to take two busses to get to the starting point. The first bus left way too late and I missed my connection. In the weekend there aren’t that many buses, and especially not to the more remote areas such as the Anaga Mountains. So I decided to go back to Santa Cruz and walk to the Las Teresitas beach, which is at approximately 10km from my apartment. Once on the beach I went for a swim and took a nap. That’s what beaches are for 😉 I can’t begin to describe how good that felt, knowing how miserable the weather in the Netherlands is.

Tonight I hooked up with Punit, a former classmate from when I lived here before. We attended a match of the local football club, CD Tenerife. Which plays at the second level. I’d actually been there before a couple of times but I didn’t remember much of it. Apart from the story I’m about to tell you. I remember one particular game against FC Barcelona. For those who are into football, the ‘original’ Ronaldo played for Barca that year. Tenerife lost 1-4. One of the guys that I went there with, was also Dutch and we kind of looked alike. He brought a Barca scarf and showed it in the Tenerife stand. Some people must have seen that and decided to shower him with water. Only they took me for him and I ended up being soaked. Tonight’s game didn’t go much better for Tenerife. It ended in 0-0 and they missed a penalty. The atmosphere was very nice though and it was great to see Punit again. I’m looking forward to seeing him and the other guys from school again!

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