Getting into the flow again

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After my trip to the Netherlands and Gran Canaria I’ve picked up my routine again. I wake up around 07:00, have breakfast, do my Spanish homework, get some supplies from the supermarket and go to my Spanish class that starts at 10:00. After 1,5 hours, at 11:30 we have a 30 minute break. Since I now live only 2 minutes away from school, I walk home and make myself a tuna sandwich. Yes, I have my tuna sandwich every day, and it doesn’t get boring. Ever;) From 12:00-13:30 I’m back at school and from there I return home to have an egg sandwich. Same drill… The obvious thing to do after such an intense morning and lunch is to lay down for a nap. So that’s what I do. It usually only lasts for 30 minutes and when I’m done being lazy, I pick myself up and walk to the gym. I work out for about 1 or 2 hours, walk back, have dinner and chill. As of this week I will also go to salsa class on Tuesday- and Thursday evening from 19:30-21:30.

Last night was the ‘La noche en blanco’ in the city of La Laguna. It’s an annual festival to celebrate ehhh, something… 🙂 It was pretty crowed in the narrow pedestrian streets. There were some DJ’s at random places in the city center, some kid’s entertainment, workshops, concerts and probably a lot more. I just had a look and a beer, saw that it was good and decided to head back home.

Today I took a bus into the Anaga Mountains. Got out at the lookout point of El Pico del Inglés, from which I wanted to walk back to Santa Cruz. When I arrived there, I found out that the police had closed down the entrance to the trail. My first instinct was to hop over the blockade, and I did, but then my brain switched on. If something did happen to me, no one would find me since most other people would probably turn around after seeing the blockade. And cell phone reception isn’t very reliable in the mountains. So I decided to change the plan and walk down to Bajamar. I took a route that I hadn’t tried before, passing by Cruz del Carmen, Las Carboneras, Chinamada and Punta del Hidalgo before reaching my final destination. I had only just begun walking when it started raining pretty heavily so I sought refuge underneath some thick leaflets. I had to repeat this drill again a little further on, but after about an hour the rain stopped and the sun appeared. Making my hike so much more enjoyable. Once again the views were spectacular. I especially love the view from the Chinamada lookout point. The trip took me about five hours, and since I was unable to take a nap this afternoon, I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep like a baby tonight;)


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