Salsa picante!

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This past week has simply been awesome! I’ve met inspiring people, amped up my work out schedule, started salsa dancing again, been to a football game, hiked through the mountains and went out for some beers and mojitos on Friday. Where to begin!? On Monday obviously 😉 Actually, apart from Spanish class and a brutal afternoon work-out, I haven’t done anything worth mentioning.

On Tuesday evening I’ve had my first two hour salsa class at my new salsa school. This school is much bigger than the previous one. They offer salsa at several levels and they have lots of other dances as well. I’m still at the beginner’s level. As it turns out, they do salsa en linea here and I learned salsa Cubana in Puerto de la Cruz. It’s all very similar, but to me it seemed very new and the pace was incredibly high. So I in all honesty, I sucked.

Determined not to look like a jackass again on Thursday, I’ve practiced by myself on the balcony on Wednesday, with a little help from YouTube. I’m at the 12th floor so it was pretty safe 😉 After my Spanish class I usually go to the gym, but on Wednesday my muscles felt so sore that I decided to go for a therapeutic one hour swim at Parque Maritimo. That’s the open air pool in the picture where I have clothes on. Now I know I’m not supposed to complain about any cold, but it was pretty cold when I got out 😛

On Thursday I had my second salsa class and I did so much better than on Tuesday. I even got some compliments about it from the ladies 😉 So my new trick is to be really bad at whatever I do the first time, so that I can leave an impression the second time 😉

On Friday a couple from my Spanish school organized a social get together on their boat in the marina. They’re from Norway and after quitting their jobs about three years ago they’ve begun sailing the world. For the past 10 months or so they have been in Tenerife and they’ve started an outdoor company in a very similar fashion that I’m considering to do. It was very inspiring to hear about their story! I love meeting people with cool and alternative lifestyle ideas. Kristian and I ended up going for beers and mojito’s and we had good fun! When Kristian went to get us some more mojitos, a lady, who obviously was a little tipsy and who had been flirting with just about every man in the bar, sat next to me and asked me why I was alone. As soon as she opened her mouth, and sound came out, I understood why she had not yet succeeded in capturing a prey. She most smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day and have breakfast with Jack Daniels, because her voice was pretty intimidating 😛

Luckily I woke up without a hangover and I was able to enjoy my Saturday. I was a little tired though so I got up a bit later and allowed myself an extended nap 🙂 I went to the gym in between those two. After the nap I went to the Tenerife stadium where I met up with Punit and his dad. We witnessed Los Blanquiazules win by 2-0. So that made for a great atmosphere in the stadium.

Today I’ve been hiking in the Anaga Mountains again. I’m kind of running out of new trails now. I’ve crossed some trails that I’d already done before. Not that I would ever grow tired of the spectacular views and the incredible sensation of freedom out there.

I’ve also got a new addiction. She called ‘Doja Cat’ and she makes really cool music. You can check out this link if you’re interested in some fresh and funky music:

In the underneath video, that I shot myself, you see my teachers showing what I should be able to do. In theory…. 😉

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