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In my previous post I mentioned that I had increased my work-out routine. I kept up that pace last week, until Friday evening. When I came home after my afternoon gym session I felt very tired and after dinner I just crashed on my bed. On Saturday I had planned to get out there, but at some point I realized that I was exhausted and I did not feel like doing anything at all. Once I had accepted that it wasn’t going to be a productive day, I just chilled in my room, watching some movies. As I was home at lunchtime I joined my landlady for some freshly made empanadas. I love those J Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean that anyone is supposed to wake me up for it. You can save me some for breakfast though. In the evening I felt quite a bit better and I decided to attend a jazz concert in La Laguna. The group was called the Gaia cuatro and it consists of two Argentineans and two Japanese musicians. It was pretty cool and I allowed my thoughts to drift away. No, I did not fall asleep…

Today I felt quite a bit better than yesterday and I went for a short hike in an area called the lunar landscape. It’s close to the town of Vilaflor which is the highest positioned village of Spain. As I’m writing this I feel tired again and I guess I should take it a little easier this week. I realize how that must sound from someone who is ‘chilling’ on a tropical island. At least I can conclude that I’m not the type to sit around and do nothing. But I already knew that.

Nothing special happened during the rest of the week. Just been going to school, the gym and dance class. Speaking of which, I’m making progress and I’m enjoying it so much that I will take a trail bachata class tomorrow.

Oh, I kind off forgot to take pictures this week.


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