Visitors from the Netherlands

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This has been a special week. A couple of friends, Jan-Paul and Sophie, come over from the Netherlands from Wednesday until Saturday. It was great to see some familiar faces again and to show them where I’ve been living the past months. They arrived pretty late on Wednesday and they had booked a hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, so we decided to meet on Thursday. After school I got on a bus and we met up at the Plaza del Charco in Puerto de la Cruz. We ate some tapas and after that we chilled by the rooftop swimming pool of their hotel. From there we took their rental car to Santa Cruz where I went to my salsa class. Which was great, like always. Afterwards we met up in the city center and we had had some drinks. I made it to my bed by 02:00. The next morning I woke up way to early so I had a short night. After Spanish class I look a loooong nap and I just chilled the rest of the day. We met again on Saturday as they picked me up and we drove to los Cristianos. The sky was clouded and we even got some raindrops, so no beach, and that left more time for tapas and a beer 🙂 From there we went to the airport where we said our goodbyes.

Today I’ve hiked in the Orotava valley. I started from Aguamansa. From there I first hiked up the mountains and from there I made my way down to la Orotava. Some parts were very beautiful with great sights, other parts were very narrow with a very crappy trail. It took me exactly 5 hours to cover 23,5 km. I’m pretty beat right now so I expect to sleep like a baby tonight 🙂

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