Winter’s coming! (or is it :P)

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Due to the fact that my school had a large group of students from Denmark on Monday and Tuesday, they changed my schedule. Meaning that I didn’t have classes those days and I would recover those hours during the rest of the week. So I thought I’d rent a motorcycle to have some fun in the mountains, but it turns out that renting a motorcycle is pretty expensive here. Instead I decided to go to the beach both Monday and Tuesday. I’m very glad I did, because the temperature has dropped in the past days and I doubt that we’ll have many beach days in the weeks to come.

On Saturday I went to a salsa party. On the Facebook page of the club it said that a mambo workshop would start at 23:40 so I figured they would open between 23:00-23:30. It’s about a 50 minute walk from my apartment so I decided to grab a cab and I arrived perfectly on time at 23:30. Guess what… The club was still closed and a bunch of people were waiting outside to get in. They finally opened at 00:00. No one seemed surprised nor bothered by it, so I decided I wouldn’t be either. I attended the mambo workshop, which was pretty fun. But also a bit confusing because it is similar, but yet very different from salsa and my feet just aren’t that fast. You try moving a size 47 at the speed of light 😉 After the workshop I had some drinks and observed the salsa skills that people displayed. They were all pretty damn good so I decided not to make a fool out of myself 😉

On Sunday I decided not to go hiking for a change. It may have had something to do with the fact that I went to bed around 03:00. Instead I went for a run. In the evening I hooked up with a classmate from my Spanish school at another salsa party. He brought a local friend who turned out to be an officer in the Spanish army, so we had plenty to talk about 🙂 I also went for a dance, but that wasn’t a great success. Not with the Spanish officer by the way, but a girl 🙂 I thought I completely messed up, but I got some feedback from the side that the girl went off beat so maybe I wasn’t that bad. I do need more practice though because I’ve seen a lot of moves that I didn’t even know that exist, that looked very cool.

This will be my last week in Santa Cruz. On Saturday I will go to La Gomera, which is another one of the Canary Island, where I will go on a three day hiking trip by myself. I will return to Tenerife on Tuesday and in the afternoon I will pick up my mom and grandma from the airport, who will come over until the 23rd of December. Looking forward to seeing them very much!

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