La Gomera day 2-3-4

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My intention was to write a new blog every day on La Gomera, but due to a serious lack of wifi I decided not to. So these are days 2, 3 and 4 in one post. After my call for a buddy on Saturday evening, I received some endearing responses, but no massage 😦 So when I woke up on Sunday my body felt pretty sour. After I got up, I did my morning stretching routine, ate breakfast and I bought some food for the road. Around 09:30 I started walking again. My goal for Sunday was Vallehermoso. Located about 15 km north. The sun was up and the sky was clear. What a beautiful day for hiking! As I started walking I could see El Hierro and La Palma, two of the other Canary Islands.

The first couple of kilometers I walked through a forest. After that, I walked across a mountain range for the most part. Providing me with awesome views to both sides of the mountain. As I was walking I thought to myself that the only missing thing was wildlife. The thought hadn’t cleared my mind as I got face to face with a fierce mountain goat and his flock. A stare down unraveled, and seconds seemed minutes. Ok, I admit, a mountain goat is not exactly a tiger or a bear, but still, when standing on a 1000+ meters high cliff, the last thing you want is some ‘loco’ mountain goat to come charging at you. So I whipped out my red handkerchief, thinking that I might be able to mislead the goat, just like the bullfighters do. All right, maybe I’ve spend too much time alone in the mountains 😉 When I tried to get a little closer to take a selfie, they ran away. I never realized how funny it looks when they do that. Hilarious!

After a while I got to a point from which I could see my destination in the valley and the ocean behind it. The view was so amazing that I decided to sit myself down on a rock, put on some Bob Marley, and have lunch there. When I ran out of food I packed my things and walked down to my apartment. Vallehermoso is a small town with little (nothing) to do. But at least there was a supermarket where I got supplies. And there are some restaurants, where I had an early dinner.

The less intense Sunday had done well for my body. When I woke up on Monday I felt good to go again. After the same morning routine I got going. My destination was Hermigua, another 15 km hike. This time unfortunately, I was accompanied by clouds and even some rain. Luckily the sky cleared in the afternoon, making the hike so much more enjoyable. From there, the day evolved pretty much the same as Sunday. I encountered some goats, walked up and down mountains and, with Hermigua in sight, I decided to chill and have lunch on top off the cliff. From Hermigua it was another 27 km to San Sebastian, where I had to spend the night because I had to be on a ferry at 07:00 the next morning. That’s why I took a bus. I hadn’t found a place to stay in San Sebastian yet on the internet so I had to look for one right there. Luckily there are several small/ cheap pensions and I got a room in one of them. After dinner and a beer a decided to chill and go to bed early.

This morning I returned to Tenerife and I’ve picked up the mother bird from the airport. My grandma decided to stay in the Netherlands in order to tie the loose ends of her recent move. So it’s just the two of us. Tomorrow we’ll chill, and on Thursday we’ll go to el Pico del Teide 🙂

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