Bye bye Tenerife

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I’m writing this blog from my grandmother’s couch in Waddinxveen. Watching the world’s corniest Christmas show: All you need is love 🙂  My mom and I arrived in the Netherlands last night. I will stay here until the 9th of January. On which day I shall not return to Tenerife, but I will fly to Cuba! I’ve decided to use the remainder of my 8 month leave to travel through South-America. On the 22nd of January I will continue to Cancún Mexico and on the 28th I will land in Bogotá Colombia. I don’t have a travel itinerary from there. I plan to be back in the Netherlands by the end of March. I have to get back to work on the 2nd of April. From there I will take my time to evaluate my experience abroad and decide about my future.

Back to last week. My mom and I took full advantage of the sun, spending time on the beach, swimming in the ocean, enjoying tapas and I’ve rented a motorcycle. I look back on an awesome experience on a beautiful Island! I’ve done what I wanted to do, seen what I wanted to see and I’ve made great progress on my Spanish. Whatever I decide, I’m very glad that I’ve embarked on this journey.

I will take a break from witing during my stay in the Netherlands, but I will be back once I’ve arrived in Cuba.

Happy Christmas to all and a happy new year!


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