Cuba libre!

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I’m back on the road and that means I’m back to writing as well. Internet in Cuba is a complicated thing though. It’s only available in some public places such as squares. Like wifi. But to access it, you need to buy a prepaid card. It’s about a dollar an hour. Which isn’t so expensive, but it’s inconvenient and the quality isn’t always great, so I have to improvise.

I left for Holguin Cuba on Tuesday. The flight took about ten hours and was quite comfortable. As we were landing visibility was zero due to heavy clouds. For a moment I even confused the landing for turbulence. But then I saw palm trees 🙂

As I arrived at the end of the afternoon, I had arranged for my airbnb host to pick me up from the airport. He was there right on time and he was very friendly and helpful. So that made me feel right at home.

His place is in the city center of Holguin. I went for little walk and had some dinner along the way. As far as I could tell it isn’t a very interesting city so I would not recommend going there for another reason than the airport.

Wednesday morning I got on a bus to Santiago de Cuba. It was supposed to leave at 0830 but was slightly delayed. We left at 1130 😦 My new e-reader was an absolute life saver! There are several means of transportation here. One of them is the Viazul bus. They have some direct lines in between the touristic destinations and the busses are supposed to be of better quality. This one unfortunately wasn’t. It broke down after some three hours. Leaving us stranded about 30 km from Santiago. It was pretty obvious that the driver was not going to be able to fix it and that the bus company wasn’t going to arrange any alternative. So I mobilised an English guy and an Austrian girl that I met on the bus, to share a cab. In the end, I arrived in Santiago around 1700 instead of 1130. Luckily my itinerary is flexible so it’s ok.

From the Netherlands I had also booked a room for the first night in Santiago. When I got to Santiago, I used airbnb navigation to find the place. It turned out to be incorrect. I asked some random guy if he knew the place. He didn’t, but he made it his personal quest to help me find it. My new friends where following all along as they had not made any reservations. After searching for about an hour I bought myself a prepaid card, accessed the internet and got in touch with my host. So all was well in the end. My hosts are a super friendly Cuban couple. From the moment I stepped in we started talking about Cuba and we only stopped because I was supposed to meet my new friends for drinks.

I love riding busses when I travel! You get to see so much of the county side. So far nature is very lush and green. With flat savanna like lands and hills and mountains in the south. It’s supposed to be the dry season, but apparently it has been raining for some days now and you can tell by the many mud pools. The temperature is around 25′ Celsius. The sun rises around 0700 and sets around 1830. So far it felt safe wherever I went and people are very helpful. Obviously they try to make some money off of you, but it’s not annoying (yet). Before coming here I heard some stories about the food not being the greatest. They weren’t lying. So I’m quickly losing the holiday and grandma feeding fat that I had gained in the past two weeks 😉

So far I’m enjoying myself and I’m happy to be on the road again. I’ll explore Santiago de Cuba on Thursday. On Friday I’ll travel to Baracoa. Which is on the far East coast of the Island.


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