Galápagos Islands – Santa Cruz

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In the past week I flew from Minca in the north of Colombia back to Bogotá. Once there my stomach suffered a relapse and I decided to stay in bed for two days. Luckily that helped and it’s all good again. On Tuesday I flew from Bogotá to Quito where I spend the night in a hotel near the airport. From Quito I flew to the Galápagos Islands.

The Galápagos Islands are part of Ecuador and they are located about 1000 km to the west of it. There are three main Islands and many smaller ones. I arrived on the Island called Santa Cruz on Wednesday afternoon.

I’d booked the first two night through airbnb to make sure I wouldn’t have to search for anything upon my arrival. When I got to the place it turned out that they’d send me to a different house than was displayed on airbnb. Which is pretty weird and had not happened to me before. I guess they manage several properties from the same ‘superhost’ account. The place was no good so I canceled and found another one.

That evening I checked out the local harbour. I saw the most amazing things! There was a sea lion chilling on a bench. There where lots of small sharks. A group of rays swimming in circles. Many interesting fish and birds amongst which a pelican. And there was sort of a rainbow around the moon. All there for free😃. Which is pretty cool considering that day tours can easily cost 140 US dollars.

On Thursday I went to Tortuga Bay in the morning. It’s about a 30 minute walk from town and it’s only accessible on foot or by boat. The beach itself is awesome! Even more awesome are the many huge iguanas walking and swimming around. I’ve also seen lots a pretty birds. Including one type that hunts by kamikazing itself into the sea onto fish. Very cool te see! The water temperature was perfect as well.

In the afternoon I took a common self-lead tour. A cab takes you places and waits for you until you are done. He first took me to see two big craters and it’s surrounding indigenous forest. Which was nice, but not impressive. Then to a lava tunnel. That was a lot more impressive! At some point I had to get on my tummy to crawl under a rock. And finally he took me to a turtle ranch. It’s a big fenced area where huge turtles graze. There was one in particular that drew my attention. At some point air bubbles rose to the surface around it. Obviously being produced by that same turtle. It was funny to see how the bubbles took him by surprise😃.

I’m very impressed and humbled by what I’ve seen in the first 24 hours that I’ve spend in the Galápagos Islands. Can’t wait to see what more is in store!

I have many more pictures but the internet is so slow and unstable that it’s pretty hard to upload them. I’ll try to add some on Facebook .



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