Galápagos Islands – Isabela Island day 1

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On Saturday I took the morning ferry to Isabela Island. That’s a two hour boat ride to the west of Santa Cruz. After some 1.5 hours my stomach got a little upset from the waves. Luckily it went away soon enough. One woman wasn’t so lucky. Her face got pale and she filled up a plastic bag😃.

Isabela Island is the biggest one of the Galápagos archipelago. But to my knowledge there’s only one settlement and that’s Puerto Villamil. As far as I can tell there’s only a couple thousand people here. Most of the roads are unpaved and it has a chill atmosphere. From here independent travelers book their tours to the main attractions after the Island. Your simply not allowed to do a whole lot without a guide. And tour agencies exploit that to the fullest.

When we arrived at the dock, some hostel personnel was awaiting guests and I decided to join them. The hostel is nothing special, but it will do. Once I was checked in I immediately went to a place called Concha de Perla. Which is sort of a natural swimming pool along side the ocean.

The water was pretty clear and the temperature comfortable. There were several sea lions in the pool. But mostly they just slept on the wooden terrace from which you access the pool. Besides those, there were lots of iguanas, some crabs, turtles and I heard someone say they saw a huge stingray. After about an hour I got cold and decided to chill on the terrace. Just enjoying the view and the wildlife. After a while I got pretty annoyed with the many people and their dumb and disrespectful behaviour. Disturbing not only the animals, but me as well😉.

After walking back to town I had lunch. I than compared the rates of some tour agencies and ended up booking two tours for Sunday. Since it only was 1430 I decided to take another trip. I rented a bicycle and rode to the wall of tears. It’s a monument contributed to the prisoners who used to live on the Island and who were treated not so friendly. Hence the tears. Anyway, the wall isn’t that interesting. The ride to it is nice though. Along the way there are several view points on hills and alongside a lake. I chilled for while on top of the highest hill and on a beach. Enjoying some awesome views!

I had to return the bike a 1800. After which I went back to my hostel to drop off some stuff and went for dinner. I was pretty tired by than so I decided to chill at the hostel and go to bed early. Tomorrow I’ll be picked up at 0700.

Some facts about the Islands. It’s 1 hour earlier here than on the South-American continent and therefore 7 hours earlier than in the Netherlands. The Islands are located on the equator. That means that the sun is very intense. I try to cover up most of my skin when I’m in the sun. I’m not quite sure at what time the sun rises (I don’t get up that early) but it gets dark around 1900. Although it cools down during the night, I can still sleep butt naked and be comfortable😉. They don’t really have seasons here. In general they consider having a warm season and a cold one. It’s warm right now.

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