Galápagos Islands – Santa Cruz day 3

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On Friday I went to las Grietas. It’s a gorge with water in it. It’s close to town, but to get there you have to take a water taxi for a couple of minutes. From there its about a 10 minute walk to the entrance. It’s a public area so there’s no fee.

While I waited for the taxi there was plenty to see again in the marina. Several sea lions swimming and hanging around. As always a couple of small sharks. Some interesting birds and an iguana swam into the marina as I left it on the boat.

When I got to the gorge I put on my goggles and went for a swim. The water temperature was great! At some point I had to climb over some rocks to get to the next part. There also were a couple of underwater passages. So I had to dive down and swim underneath some rocks to surface on the other side.

In the afternoon I went to the Charles Darwin research center. They have some exhibits of the research they do and they breed turtles. So they have lots of those in different types and seizes. They also have some iguanas.

That night I had dinner in the same street where I’d gone the past to two nights as well. On both sides there are restaurants. For dinner they set up tables on the street and it kind off looks like there’s a ferry or something. Quite cosy. And probably the cheapest option.

After dinner I had a look in the marina again. Tonight’s entertainment consisted of a sea lion playing around. Assisted by a pelican. I than packed my bag and went to bed early as I booked a 0700 ferry to Isabella island.


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