Last days on the Galápagos Islands

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One of the tours on San Cristóbal is called the Highland tour. The idea is to take a cab that will take you to several places and waits for you. I decided to do it by bicycle.

On Thursday morning I rented a bike and started peddling up the hills out of town. Within 10 minutes the chain fell off. And it kept coming off. So I had to go back to the shop. This happens to me er very time I rent one. The bikes here a crap.

At the shop I got a new bike. Luckily this one worked without problems. It took me two hours to get to the other side of the Island. I landed at Puerto Chino. A small but nice beach. Clear water, seals and pelicans. I went for a swim and then chilled on the beach listening to some music.

After about an hour I got back onto the bike. The first part was pretty steep. After 16 minutes I came by a restaurant and since I was hungry I decided to stop for lunch. I had a delicious juice and a beautiful fish dish served in a piece of bambu. From my table I also had a great view on the coast. What a great eating experience! Or maybe I was just really hungry and thirsty😉.

From the restaurant I climbed for another hour. It was quite tough at some parts and I was glad that I had reached a lookout point. I had to climb lots of steps to get up there, but it was definitely worth it! There was a small lake on top of the mountain and the view on the surrounding landscape and coast was awesome.

Since I was pretty tired I decided to lay down and take a nap in the grass. There was no one else anyway. When I woke up I walked around the lake, enjoying the views. My legs were very tired so I decided to put on some music to re-energise. It worked! I descended back to my bike, jumped on and continued back to where I came from. From je viewpoint it was mostly downhill anyway.

I was extremely thirsty when I arrived. I first had a juice at a beach bar. Than as I walked back to my hostel a coconut milkshake and finally in my hostal I also had a Gatorade. I chilled in my room for a while, had dinner and I’m about to get into bed. I’m sure I’ll sleep like a rock tonight😃

On Friday I took the morning boat back to Santa Cruz. Where I chilled for a while and had lunch. Than I got a cab and a boat to Baltra island. That’s where the airport is. I flew back to Quito, shared a cab into town and checked into my new Hostal. Which looks really good. They organise a lot of activities. They have a travel agency as well. So tomorrow I’ll sit sown with them to see what options I have.


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