Middle Earth

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I’ve spend Monday morning trying to organise mountaineering trips. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Unless your wiling to pay big time. I’ve decided to do the three day Quilotoa loop. Each day you walk to anther village. Finishing at the Quilotoa crater lake. It’s supposed to be a very beautiful hike.

In the afternoon I joined a tour to middle Earth. No, not the place of Lord of the rings. But the actual middle of the earth. There are more places around the world that are located on the equator, but Ecuador is the only one with many mountains. And the scientist needed those for their calculations.

In Quitó there are two places called the middle of the world. With some 200 meters in between them. The first one was established by French scientists around 1970. Years later, with GPS technology, it was determined that the location was slightly off so they built another place.

The new one has a small museum and a guide provides some information about the equator. Also doing some simple experiments showing the different fysics on the Northern hemisphere, the southern one and the exact middle. Apparently water runs counter clockwise in the northern part, clockwise in the southern part and straight down in the middle. It was interesting, but very short so I felt that they could have provided more information.

The old one is just a monument. Not to interesting if you ask me. The tour was highly rated, but I can’t see why really. I wouldn’t recommend it.

After the tour I had a quick dinner and hopped on a bus to go to Latacunga. Where I will spend the night. I will store some of my luggage there so I can travel light during the three day hike.


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