About me



I’m (José) Javier de Dios van der Zwan, 34 and I have a dream! It’s to start a new life on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. To do so, I have taken 8 months of from work to explore the Island. The purpose of this website is to inform friends and familiy and to inspire others to persue their dreams. What’s yours?

That’s what I wrote at the beginning of my journey, July 2017. After five months I felt that I either had to take the next step, meaning that I would have had to start a business or find a job. And I wasn’t quite ready to do that. Instead I’ve decided to use my remaining 2.5 months to fulfill another dream. To travel Latin America for an extended period. So I’ve booked a ticket to go to Cuba January 9th. On the 22nd of January I will continue to Mexico and on the 28th of January to Colombia. From there I will see what to do as I go.

You might wonder where the perculiar name comes from. Let me tell you 🙂 My mom is from the Netherlands and my dad is from Spain. They split up before I was born but got back together and split up again when I was 2 and 13 years old. We have spend the first of those 2 years on the Spanish penisula, the second time we lived in Tenerife. That must have been the best year of my childhood. From the moment we left, I have always believed that one day I would return.

In my spare time I like to travel, work out, run, ride bicyles and motorcycles, hike, dive, chill, watch movies and spend time with friends and family. Hmmm, this sounds an awful lot like my profile on Tinder… Did I mention that I’m single?

Want to know more about my dream and my plans? Have a look at my first blog.

Smell you later alligator!






  1. I hope you will find where you are looking for. Make your dreams come trough.
    Maak er een geweldige tijd van. Elke dag is een feestje.


    1. Now you have set your first step to realise your dream, keep on walking! It ‘s the only way to be happy. Good luck on your journey fulfilling your ambitions and enjoy life whilst working . Granny Marijke


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